Vision and Missions

The vision of the Supreme Court Kumdil Research and Development Agency which will serve as a future view and direction as a basis for carrying out duties and functions in achieving the targets or targets set in the next 5 years and have been stipulated in the Supreme Court Blueprint 2010-2035. The vision of the Indonesian Supreme Court Kumdil Education and Training Research and Development Agency is formulated as follows:


“The realization of quality judicial research and human resources”.

To achieve this vision, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia's Kumdil Education and Training Agency's Mission is determined, namely:


  1. Improve services and operational support for the implementation of Research and Development and Education and Training in Law and Justice;
  2. Carrying out Research and Development in supporting the development and development of legal substance and reform of Supreme Court policies;
  3. Organizing comprehensive, integrated and synergistic education and training with the needs of the judiciary.

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