Facilities and infrastructure

Capacity of 1000 people, with the supporting facilities:
- LCD Projector and Screen 4 pieces
- 36 track sound system
- Video Shoting
- Interpreter
- Internet access (Wi-Fi)
Used for Ceremonial Events and Public Lectures.

Capacity of 80, 60, and 40 people, with supporting facilities in the form of:
- Whiteboard
- LCD Projector / Screen
- Resource Desk
- Sound System
- Internet access (Wi-Fi)

Language laboratory
For 3 languages:
- English
- Arabic
- Netherlands

The total collection of books is around 2,834 titles, in 8,845 copies, 420 of which are donations from The Asia Foundation. The available facilities, reading room, discussion room equipped with LCD projectors, computers that contain library book collection data.

Computer lab
Consists of 2 Lab units: capacity of 60 participants and 30 participants. Connect with LAN and Internet connections.

Trial Simulation Room
Practicing Simulation in Judiciary

Transit House
Temporary guest house.

Training Participants Dormitory
Consists of 3 types: Chakra, Candra and Sari. Facilities to suit different needs.

The dining room
With a capacity of 300 people each with supporting facilities in the form of storage for food, washing hands, television.

Place of worship


Sports Facilities

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